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ISCC PLUS-Certified Bioplastics

More Sustainable Products Through Mass Balancing

In an environment as highly regulated as the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, it is a challenge to drive change toward more sustainable solutions. We see mass balancing as an opportunity to offer our customers sustainable alternatives to conventional polymers and contribute to reducing the use of virgin fossil resources. This is why we have had all of our German sites certified according to the international ISCC PLUS standard.

What Is Mass Balancing?

Raw material suppliers replace a proportion of fossil resources with sustainable resources in their production (biobased or circular) - both resources are mixed. In the polymer granulate produced, the renewable and fossil raw materials can no longer be distinguished. However, the proportion of biobased or circular raw material can be mathematically allocated to the finished products and can be accounted for. This promotes the use of biobased and circular raw materials and systematically reduces the use of virgin fossil resources.

This means that we can offer our customers access to sustainable alternatives that have the identical properties and material performance as purely fossil polymers, and thus do not require renewed approval or testing when replacing fossil-based materials for pharma packaging or medical device components. 

The ISCC PLUS certification ensures that the use of bio (-circular) raw material is documented along the entire supply chain in a fully traceable manner. Every company along the entire value chain has to be certified according to defined requirements, from the raw material producer to the distributor of the end product. This creates transparency and trust. 

As part of an ISCC PLUS-certified supply chain, Röchling Medical's customers can thus actively contribute to promoting sustainability and conserving resources.

Kunststoff-Granulat für die Produktion

Important To Know About Mass-Balanced Materials

Support the Circular and Bioeconomy

ISCC PLUS-certified mass balanced materials contain a proportion of sustainable raw materials (bio-based or circular). This contributes to conserving valuable resources compared to materials made purely from fossil-based raw materials.

Retain Trusted Material Properties

ISCC PLUS-certified mass balanced materials have the same characteristics as purely fossil-based polymers in terms of product performance and regulatory approvals.

Identical Processing As Conventional Materials

The same technical equipment and facilities can be used for processing mass balanced materials as for purely fossil-based materials, avoiding the need for additional investment.

Full Traceability

The ISCC PLUS sustainability certification system ensures full traceability of bio-based or circular materials within the mass balancing approach by obliging the entire supply chain to be certified and be compliant with ISCC-defined standards.


ISCC stands for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. ISCC PLUS is a globally applicable certification system for the use of bio-based and recycled raw materials. Companies from various industries worldwide can be certified for the sustainable use of bio-based or circular (recycled) raw materials according to ISCC. Further information:

ISCC PLUS Certified Sites for Mass-Balanced Bio (-Circular) Plastics – Röchling Medical

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