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Front End Carrier

Thought from the front

The prominent position of the FEC as the load-bearing structure of the vehicle front poses a particular challenge in terms of quality and dimensional accuracy. Likewise, its behavior and performance in the event of a crash must be absolutely guaranteed.

Carriers are also at the forefront of structural lightweighting: the technology allows us to design this important vehicle component from scratch. 

Goodbye gaps

Until now, Front End Carriers have been made up of several components. The new generation is made from just one piece - thanks to lightweight structural design. Deformations and manufacturing tolerances are therefore hardly a factor. In addition, the components are manufactured to fit precisely and thus achieve a particularly high degree of tightness. This is of particular interest in terms of air resistance and cooling. 

This is made possible by the plastic material base. An additional advantage is that with this one-piece solution we achieve a much more precise geometry. Corrosion also hardly plays a role thanks to our high-performance plastic.

Everything already inside

Of course, all the advantages of Structural Lightweight technology, such as lower weight and cost-effective production, also apply to Front End Carriers. This component in particular also benefits from functional integration and pre-assembly of other components. This applies, for example, to lights, sensors, active grille shutters (AGS) and more. 

Some highlights of our Front End Carrier

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