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Climate Cabin Air Solutions

Breath undisturbed

In modern vehicles, invisible ducts distribute fresh air almost silently throughout the interior. In order to provide a comfortable and quiet ride, special noise-reducing materials and designs are used for ventilation and air conditioning systems - especially in electric vehicles. However, the development of such a comfort function requires a lot of experience. We are able to place our expertise at your disposal to design these highly tuned acoustics air ducts for the passenger compartment.

The most important highlights

Our air-conditioning ducting is an end-to-end system and thus a tailor-made solution for our customer applications is needed to effectively manage thermal behavior, noise reduction, reliable filter function and integration of components.

Your customer benefit through our Climate Cabin Air Solutions

Cost effect manufacturing & tooling solutions

Lightweight construction


Thermal Engineering

Full Service from Röchling

Acoustic pads for climate control systems
Acoustic climate air duct made of LWRT and injection molded material
Acoustically efficient climate channels made from LWRT
Fresh air intake system
MuCell foamed blow moulding duct

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