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Air Intake Manifold Systems

Performance through air distribution

Our intake manifold systems ensure that each cylinder head is evenly supplied with combustion mixture. In direct injection engines, the system is responsible for the exact distribution of the air. Uniform air distribution makes the engine run smooth and powerful, a good fluid-dynamic design helps achieving the highest volumetric efficiency.


Control that works

Modern combustion engines are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, they have to be very powerful - with minimum fuel consumption and ever lower emissions. It is therefore becoming increasingly important not only to be able to precisely meter the air volume, but also to control how the air flows into the combustion chamber.


Individual strength

With the intake manifold system from Röchling, we call up the engine's power reserves. Our customized complete solution always supports special requirements with regard to engine design, acoustics, and emission targets.


Air Box - Performance in one component

We have also developed a component specifically for motorcycles, which combines the air intake system and intake manifold in one component. As a complete solution, the "Air Box" from Röchling Automotive ensures that air constantly reaches the engine and is distributed evenly to the cylinder heads. The box thus optimizes fuel consumption and makes the engine more efficient.

The most important highlights

With us, engineering, toolmaking, equipment and processes for mass production come from one source. Thanks to our dense network of locations, we are almost always in the direct vicinity of our customers all over the world.

Your customer benefit through our Air Intake Manifold Systems

Intake manifold system


Full Service from Röchling

Air Intake Manifold
Air Intake Manifold
V10 intake manifold with integrated switch flap system
Air intake manifold with integrated intercooler
Multi-channel intake manifold
Complete air induction section with PP intake manifold
Velocity distribution within the air induction section
Campbell diagram before and after acoustic optimization

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