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Life Science Devices

Röchling Medical’s Life Science Device Competencies allow us to support our customers’ projects from concept through full-scale production. Röchling Medical understands the unique challenges of medical device development to the fullest: competitive environment, highly defined regulatory requirements and management of the product over its life cycle. Röchling Medical provides world-class engineering expertise, rapid prototyping, process development, and validation services for leading medical device companies.

Röchling Medical researches and develops state-of-the-art technologies for the entire range of life sciences applications. As a manufacturer of Life Science Devices with a proven track record with the world‘s largest OEMs in the Life Science Industry, we have many years of in-house experience in production processes, manufacturing techniques, automation, technology and quality management. Our interdisciplinary teams are comprised of engineering medical experts, who develop customized concepts and technical solutions according to our client’s needs.

Our highly experienced medical device specialists provide innovative, results-focused support for your projects:

Röchling Medicals’ expertise in the medical industry makes us your trusted source for the successful development of concepts for life science devices – from start to finish.

Lap Port
Lap Seal Battery
Lap Seal Cord
Lap Seal Scissor

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