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Precision Injection Molding

Our Processing Capabilities

High Precision Under Cleanroom Conditions

With decades of experience at our global locations, the production of individual injection-molded system solutions for use in medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications is one of our core competences.

Our range of manufacture extends from injection-molded bulk parts to assembled and packaged system solutions. In the realization of injection-molded parts with weights of 0.1 - 1800 g, process reliability, product quality and cost-effectiveness are clearly in focus at all times. To ensure compliance with these factors, we offer various automation options, adapted to individual product and process requirements.

In order to be able to manufacture our products safely, sustainably and economically, we continuously invest in innovative production technologies. Therefore, we offer modern injection molding technologies such as multi-component injection molding, insert overmolding, micro-injection molding and endless injection molding. We manufacture on qualified equipment in cleanrooms of class ISO 7/8 or GMP C/D.

Manufacturing at the Following Locations

Case Studies

As a solution provider, we combine our expertise in research & product development, materials & technologies, and automation & industrialization with our experience, our quality standards, and our ambition to work with our customers to design a product that meets their individual requirements.

Our case studies give you an insight into the challenges faced by our customers in pharma, diagnostics and medical technology sectors and the tailor-made solutions that we jointly created for them.

Optimizing a Complex Class 3 Medical Device

Case study showing how Röchling Medical uses intelligent product redesign to simplify manufacturing processes, automate assembly procedures, and optimize product features.

Custom Automation Concepts

Case study detailing Röchling Medical´s solution for advanced tooling and automation concepts in combining injection molding and assembling.

Further Technologies

At our global locations, we cover a wide range of manufacturing technologies, enabling us to find a suitable, customized solution for individual requirements.

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For more information about our individual injection-molded system solutions for use in medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications, please contact our team.

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