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Mixject systems

Mixing and injection systems: safe and fast reconstitution of drugs

The pictured mixing and injection system makes it possible for patients to mix and administer drugs independently.

For many years, Röchling’s Waldachtal plant has been producing mixing systems that allow patients to mix and administer their drugs themselves. These systems consist of a single unit that is placed on top of a small container holding a powdered drug. A syringe pre-filled with dilution liquid is fitted to the end of the mixing system. The liquid now passes into the small container with the drug so that both components are mixed. By turning the entire mixing system upside down, the mixed drug is transferred back into the syringe.

After reconstitution, the drug is available for immediate injection using the pre-assembled needle. The round adapter is part of the mixing system but can also be purchased separately. It prevents overfilling and ensures that drugs can be mixed quickly without needlestick injuries. The mixing systems are used in several fields of therapy, carry a CE label and are registered with the FDA.

We manufacture the entire mixing systems in large quantities in accordance with the highest quality requirements using semi- and fully automated systems. The whole manufacturing process is in our hands: from the production of injection-molded parts using certified machines to fully automated assembly and sealing of the articles in Tyvek blister packs right through to controlling and monitoring sterilization.

Comprehensive documentation sets out the entire manufacturing process in detail. For some patients, these systems are essential to surviving. With our know-how, we are able to produce a large number of them reliably, punctually and to the highest quality standards.


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