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Customer focused

At the end of the day, Röchling Medical Lancaster (RML) delivers products. But it’s the relationships with people – partners, suppliers, patients – that makes our work meaningful. We regularly ask ourselves, “What does our value chain look like, and how can we improve relationships with stakeholders along the way.” Clearly, the customers that contract directly with RML rise to the top of our priority list because if they’re not successful, we’re not successful. That’s why we look to build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. And it’s why we continuously strive to add value by making process improvements that reduce cost and improve functionality with reliability and responsiveness.

As a customer-focused organization, RML can offer the following benefits:

Strengthened Strategic Alliances

By strengthening relationships with vendors and suppliers, RML can streamline its supply chain and focus our collective efforts on customer needs and expectations in terms of their requirements for products, pricing, and customer service.

Focused Approach to Innovation

By engaging with customers early and often and understanding their project goals and expectations, RML will proactively identify how we can leverage our specific technical expertise and capabilities to offer innovative solutions that strengthen their positions in the marketplace.

Sustained Customer Service

At RML, customer service is everyone’s job, and a problem-solving culture permeates everything we do. This differentiates us from competitors and ensures that we consistently offer high-quality, breakthrough solutions.

­Productive Teamwork

Teamwork breeds productivity and process excellence. By instituting systems that facilitate teamwork and ensure organizational alignment with our customers, both internally and externally, RML will work more efficiently and deliver solutions informed by the divergent thinking of its diverse team members.

Value Creation

We don’t just meet expectations — we exceed them. Every RML employee, at every step of the process, strives to create value for our customers, with the goal of positioning RML as the Partner of Choice who provides products, services, and innovation to deliver high-impact solutions that meet the needs of our partners and, ultimately, patients.



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