Novedades de productos

Nuevo material de primera calidad para la producción de tomas de prueba de alta precisión

Inspección de calidad fiable y económica de componentes electrónicos con EtroX® V

Alta estabilidad mecánica con acción antimicrobiana probada.

El muro antimicrobiano probado que cubre TroBloc® M para instalaciones médicas ahora está disponible en placas de espuma de 10 mm de espesor. Röchling...

Substantial time-savings for tank builders

New Polystone® P CubX® tank construction sheet – rectangular tanks without steel reinforcements

A new version of RITA® 4.0

With RITA® 4.0 Röchling is now offering a new, updated version of its proven tank calculation programme.


Developed for electrically conductive and efficient parts

New: Fasteners made from laminated pressboard with phenolic resin bonding

New possibilities for oil-filled transformers

Permanently antistatic sliding materials now in colour for conveying systems

New: Antistatic now also in colour

New sliding materials from Röchling offer more design options for safe conveyor systems

Spar caps for wind turbines Röchling

Pultruded profiles for spar caps

How can you strengthen your rotor blades for wind turbines?

New: Flame-resistant plastics for railway engineering

Röchling offers Durostone® UPM S13 LST and Polystone® MK FL, two flame-retardant plastics which are now certified to the relevant requirements of the...

Save time and material: Calendered sheets made of SUSTAPEEK are now available in 3, 4 and 5 mm thickness

SUSTAPEEK sheets now in 1 to 10 mm thickness

We are the first manufacturer in the world to offer calendered sheets made from high-performance material PEEK with the brandname SUSTAPEEK in...