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Air Intake Systems

Clean Air for engine performance

The air or more importantly oxygen, is so critical for the combustion process. This flow reaches the engine via an air intake system. A good air intake system ensures a clean, uniform and low resistance flow of air resulting in more power and improved fuel consumption


Challenging Component requirements

Modern combustion engines are becoming increasingly complex. This is because they have to offer more power to enable OEM engine downsizing strategies while at the same time minimizing fuel consumption and meeting ever stricter emission standards. In this context, air intake systems are required to meet increasingly higher temperatures while maintaining filter performance, uniform air flow, and acoustic sound quality.


Air Box - Performance in one component

We have also developed a component specifically for motorcycles, which combines the air intake system and intake manifold in one component. As a complete solution, the Air Box from Röchling Automotive ensures that air constantly reaches the engine and is distributed evenly to the cylinder heads. The box thus optimizes fuel consumption and makes the engine more efficient.

The most important highlights

With Roechling Automotive, engineering, toolmaking, equipment and processes technology for mass production comes from one source. Thanks to our global network of manufacturing locations and development centers, we are able to meet the needs of our customers all over the world.

Your customer benefit through our Air Intake Systems

Air filter box with filter cartridge

Clean air pipe

Full Service from Röchling

Motorcylcle Air Box
Seeberlite Snorkel
Open air intake system - in-house filter manufacturing
Air intake system with high-frequency resonator for an optimized sound
Air filtration system
Simulation of the filter element layout for the definition of the optimum height and distance between folds
Air intake system with compact filter and high performance intake manifold

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