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The family-owned company Röchling stands for values-based and sustainable business practices. We apply the very same principles in our approach to the environment and society that we apply to our customers, partners and employees: mutual respect, great regard and considerable trust.

We at Röchling have broken down the issue of sustainability into three areas of action: We develop innovative products that help our customers reach their environmental goals (Plastic and Sustainability). We make an active contribution to climate protection and nature conservation by systematically optimizing our own processes and investing in the pioneering development of bioplastics (Ecological Responsibility). We assume responsibility for the safety and qualification of our employees (Social Responsibility).

Our Vision and Mission


At Röchling, we are always thinking of future generations. This is why we plan beyond today for a sustainable future for us all. Our forward-looking products, services, and commitment combine the advantages of high-performance plastic solutions with environmental protection and social advances for a healthy future for our planet.


As a family-owned company, Röchling is aware of its responsibility to operate our company sustainably. For us, that means contributing to social and economic progress and protecting our environment. We are continually shrinking our technological and environmental footprint to develop excellent, pioneering solutions for our Industrial, Automotive, and Medical partners worldwide while at the same time assuming responsibility for our employees, our surroundings, our shareholders, our customers, and the environment. Our management has promised reliable support to all interested parties in their efforts to fulfill the requirements of sustainability.

Plastic and Sustainability

As global experts in plastics, we realize that we have a special responsibility to assume. The high-performance plastics that we process help conserve resources thanks to their long lives and multifaceted uses. 

Our company culture fosters such developments: We consistently and systematically invest in environmentally conscious products, services and sustainable processes. In doing so, we help our customers achieve their sustainability goals: 

Renewable resources for transformers

The red beech veneers that we use to produce our high-performance insulating material Lignostone® for oil-filled transformers come exclusively from certified European forestry. Lignostone® insulation parts also have very long service lives: Transformers made with Lignostone® parts can easily operate for more than 30 years.

Sliding material saves energy

With LubX® CV, a material with exceptional sliding properties, conveyor systems operate faster and more productively with increased pressure loads in such sectors as the beverage industry. Energy consumption declines, and the service life of the systems rises.

Intelligent grille shutter systems for the automotive industry

The greatest possible aerodynamics with maximum cooling performance – this is particularly important to the world’s automotive manufacturers. Active Grille Shutters (intelligent, actively controllable air flap systems) reduce air resistance in the vehicle and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Röchling-BioBoom biopolymers

Exceptionally light and stable at the same time. Our new PLA-based material offers a real alternative to conventional plastics – with the crucial advantage of particularly climate-friendly manufacturing from renewable raw materials.

Precise and safe administration of medication

It is difficulty to give a child an exact dose of oral medicine. The innovative dosage form of a leading pharmaceutical company overcomes this challenge. Röchling Medical and HS Design of Gladstone/USA developed the Sympfiny® drug-delivery system.

Ecological Responsibility

We, too, need natural resources to conduct our business activities and manufacturing processes. However, we can keep our consumption to the lowest levels possible. We replace hazardous substances wherever possible. We reduce and completely eliminate waste and emissions. We analyze and optimize our cycles of materials, and we monitor our differentiated recycling and waste management systems. We continuously and systematically tap the optimization potential that we uncover by introducing appropriate measures.

In order to protect the earth, we are consistently investing in the development of bioplastics. We have set ourselves the goal of being able to offer our customers an alternative made from bioplastics or recycled materials for each of our plastics by 2035.

This is why the commitment made by our employees and managers is crucial. Through training courses, transparency and, not least, active role modeling, we raise group-wide awareness levels about the environment and energy. In addition, a large number of locations already have ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification.

Social Responsibility

Motivated and qualified employees are an essential part of the Röchling Group’s future. For this reason, we at Röchling offer a positive work environment that includes a large number of advanced training opportunities, active diversity, equal opportunity and a range of work schedule models. 

We at Röchling have given occupational health, safety and prevention a high priority in our company guidelines. We create secure jobs where our employees can work in an accident-free environment. We alert them to these issues in group-wide and local campaigns and programs.

We also assume social responsibility: Our Group’s global sites provide direct, local support to charitable projects and campaigns. As a result, these activities can meet the needs of a particular region.

Röchling-BioBoom® & Röchling-ReLoop®

As a global plastics expert, we are aware of our special responsibility towards the environment, our customers, partners and employees. With our product families Röchling-BioBoom® and Röchling-ReLoop®, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of bioplastics and high-quality recycled materials. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and increase sustainability in our customers’ applications. By 2035, we want to offer an alternative made from bioplastics or recycled materials for each of our plastics.

Our three corporate divisions Industrial, Automotive and Medical have individual sustainability product portfolios that they are continuously developing specifically for the requirements of our customers in their respective markets.

With our Röchling-BioBoom® product family of bioplastics, we extract bio-based raw materials and conserve fossil resources. Röchling-BioBoom® includes bio-based plastics and mass-balanced bioplastics.


Our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recycled materials conserves valuable resources and closes material cycles. Röchling-ReLoop® is available as a post-consumer recycling or post-industrial recycling product.




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