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Recycling-based plastics
Post-consumer recycling – from household waste to high-quality industrial good

Post-consumer recycling – from household waste to high-quality industrial good

Post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) are reprocessed plastics from household or commercial waste, the majority of which were used for packaging. In Europe, around a third is currently recycled into new products. This means that plastic is a valuable resource more than just once. However, careful processing procedures and quality checks are required to obtain high-quality PCR products. We have been involved with the use of recycled products for PCR materials for a long time. We would be happy to assist you in realising a recycling-based product for your application.

Find out more about our options in the field of ​​post-consumer recycled products

For almost half of all plastic produced worldwide, the usage phase ends after only a single use. Packaging and single-use solutions become waste, which also represents a valuable resource. The recycling of plastic waste is a central component in the context of a sustainable economy. The share of materials recovery is continuously increasing. Due to their quantity and many areas of application, particularly in the packaging sector, polyolefins make up the majority of recycling streams.

If waste materials are collected by type, they can be easily processed. However, this is more the exception, especially for plastic waste generated by private or commercial end users. All kinds of plastics come together here. Contamination and mixing are just two of the many complex challenges that need to be solved. Multi-stage processes are used to identify and separate materials by type based on special characteristics and parameters, because mixing different plastics not only can lead to problems in processing, but also to a lower quality property profile in later use. Technology is advancing. Ever improving techniques for processing plastic waste ensure that an increasing proportion of plastics find their way back into the materials loop after use.

Röchling Industrial has long been involved with the use of processed raw materials from plastic waste for new sustainable products. In cooperation with partners from the circular economy, wide-ranging experience has already been gained and projects using post-consumer materials have been implemented in initial selected applications.

Are you also interested in using post-consumer recycled products in your application?

We would be happy to discuss requirements, solutions and options with you, and how we can make your sustainable project reality.



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