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Plastic and Sustainability

Plastic and Sustainability

As experts in plastics, we realize that we have a special responsibility to assume. The high-performance plastics that we process help conserve resources thanks to their long lives and multifaceted uses. 

Our company culture fosters such developments: We consistently and systematically invest in environmentally conscious products, services and sustainable processes. In doing so, we help our customers achieve their sustainability goals

Let us talk about a collaboration!

Learn more about our sustainability approach in our video. With a focus on renewable raw materials, bioplastics and recycled plastics we explore new paths to contribute to a healthy planet. Are sustainablity, biolpastics or recycled plastics topics you deal with too?


Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an extremely high priority for us. We are contributing to environmental protection and the conservation of resources with our innovative high-performance plastics. You can read about how plastic and sustainability fit together, as well as how we are fulfilling our environmental and social responsibility, in our Sustainability Report.


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