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Glastic® FHT

Glastic® FHT - Flexible High-Temperature Laminate

Grade Glastic® FHT (Flexible High Temperature) Laminate provides numerous high-performance features and benefits, such as high flexibility and excellent dielectric strength at elevated temperatures.

Some attributes:

It also exhibits one of the highest UL® temperature indices in the industry for a flexible glass-reinforced polyester in 0.8 mm and 1.6 mm thicknesses:

With its high resistance to heat, Glastic® FHT Laminate offers a cost-effective alternative to aramid paper in 220°C insulation systems. Typical applications include layer and core insulationfor dry-type transformers.


Standard sizes


Thermal endurance (UL 746 B)

190/200 (elec./mech.)


Technical ValuesTest methodUnitFHT
Fibre reinforcement--mat
Specific gravity-g/cm3-
Standard colour--ivory
Previous quality--1800
DIN 7735 type---
EN 60893/IEC 893 type---
Nema-LI.1 designation---
NFC 26153/26151 StandardASTM D 792g/cm3-
Bending strength (perpendicular)ASTM D 790MPa-
Modulus of elasticity (perpendicular)---
Compressive Strength (perpendicular)ASTM D 695MPa97
Impact strength (parallel)---
Tensile strength (parallel)ASTM D 638MPa72
Electric strength at 90°C (perpendicular)ASTM D 149
kV/mm18 / 22
Breakdown voltage at 90°C (parallel)ASTM D 149kV/25mm60
Comparative tracking indexUL 746A(V)500
Tracking and erosion resistance---
Thermal conductivityASTM C 177W/mK0,25
Thermal enduranceUL 746 BT.I.190/200
Insulating class---
FlammabilityIEC 60707--
Coefficient of linear expansion (parallel)ASTM D 69610-6K-1-

Remarks: Property variation possible in the area of 50mm, average - not guaranteed technical values. Tol. accord with EN 60893-3-5. The data mentioned are average values. We cannot accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

Glastic® Composite Sheets

Röchling Glastic® Composites offers a wide selection of frp composite materials and shapes, standard products and custom molding capabilities.

Product programme

Our range of Durostone® and Glastic® FRP-sheets:




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