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Durostone® UPM S1




  • SMC high-pressure laminate
  • Special polyester (UP) resin matrix reinforced with an e-glass roving mat
  • High mechanical & dielectric strength and low flammability

Technical Specifications Durostone® UPM S1

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityISO 1183g / cm32,0
Flexural strength ISO 178MPa200
Modulus of elasticity in flexion ISO 178MPa15000
Compressive strength ISO 604MPa350
Compressive strength IIISO 604MPa180
Tensile strength IIISO 527MPa120
Impact strength II (Charpy)ISO 179kJ / m2100
Delamination force IIDIN 53463N2600
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
FlammabilityUL 94/V0 / 3mm
Smoke density & toxicity, classNF F 16-101/F0
Fire test, classNF P 92-501/M1
Coefficient of linear expansion TMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-140 - 60
Coefficient of linear expansion IITMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-110 - 20
Temperature indexIEC 60216T.I.155
Insulation classIEC 60085/F
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Water absorption (4mm thickness)ISO 62%0,2
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Electric strength 90°C under oil IEC 60243kV / mm13
Electric strength 90°C under oil IIIEC 60243kV/25mm75
Relative permittivity (50 Hz)IEC 60250εr 4,5
Dielectric loss factor (50 Hz)IEC 60250tan δ 0,01
Specific surface resistanceIEC 600931013
Specific volume resistanceIEC 60093Ω x cm1013
Comparative tracking indexIEC 60112CTI600 M


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