Battery: Components & Modules

Safety for expensive goods

Röchling Automotive develops and manufactures housings and covers as well as cell frames and insulating sheets for the traction batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles. For this, lightweight, but high-strength glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are processed using various injection molding and compression molding techniques.

Röchling Automotive solved the problem of EMV bulkheading for the sensitive battery cells by covering the plastic parts with an ultra-thin aluminum film. Mounting straps for the battery cells, structural support braces, and, for example, rupture disks are integrated directly into the plastic housing through advanced manufacturing techniques.

Customer benefits

  • Customized, high-strength and highly-rigid housings and trays for the sensitive traction batteries of electric vehicles
  • Integrated EMV protection
  • Plastic materials with special properties for cell frames and insulating sheets