Active Aerodynamic Components

As the SUV segment continues to grow in popularity, effective aerodynamic management is no longer optional.

Active Speedlips

Röchling’s newly developed Active Speedlips, which were previously utilized as a passive component, can now be controlled electronically through compact actuators and be individually adjusted and retracted. This technology enhances the air flow around the tires, particularly in relation to the front surface of the tire. While passive wind deflectors can cause uncontrolled air flow turbulences, this dynamic, active solution from Röchling controls the head wind to flow closely past the wheel. As a result, the optimized air flow leads to improved fuel consumption and decreased drag, resulting in improved aerodynamic function overall.

Active Air Dam

The Active Air Dam enhances the air flow along the lower side of the vehicle front. Measurements in wind tunnels have proven that fuel consumption and emissions can be significantly optimized using Active Speedlips or the Active Air Dam. To avoid damage caused by obstacles, the Active Speedlips and Active Air Dam are retracted when a vehicle drives slower than 43 miles per hour (approximately 70 km per hour).