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Integrated Floor Components

Electric mobility with new architectures

The trend towards electric mobility remains unbroken. One reason for this is growing awareness of more sustainable mobility among many consumers. As a result, the demand for vehicles with electric drives is rising continuously. OEMs are also reacting to this development and developing completely new vehicle architectures for hybrid and fully electric drives.


Lighter, flatter and quieter

The environmentally friendly approach to powertrains is being continued in the body - with the aid of lightweight structural design. BIW floor components from Röchling Automotive combine low weight, absorption of vibrations, and comfort pads in one component. This solution is up to 30 percent flatter and lighter than conventional floor components at comparable costs. The NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) properties are already considerably better without any further measures.


All in one component

The soil components behave like a semi-structural shear field. Our high-tech sandwich material is used for this purpose. Depending on the application, we combine thin aluminium foils and glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene non-woven panels. This structure replaces several conventional material layers (foam, metal sheet, damping measures and fleece) in a "one-shot" solution. This saves weight, space and costs.

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