Current Job Openings at the Röchling Group

Job offer Date Location
Projektmanager für diverse Kunden (m/w) 07/01/2015 Worms
Ingenieur Automotive (m/w) 07/01/2015 Wolfsburg
Qualitätsplaner (w/m) 07/01/2015 Worms
Prozessingenieur Werkstofftechnik (w/m) 07/01/2015 Worms
Entwickler von Kunststoffbauteilen (w/m) 07/01/2015 Worms
Betriebsingenieur (m/w) 06/16/2015 Lahnstein
Personalsachbearbeiter (m/w) 06/12/2015 Bad Grönenbach-Thal
Technischer Mitarbeiter
Arbeitsvorbereitung/Vertrieb (m/w)
06/10/2015 Nentershausen/Westerwald
Kunststoff-Ingenieur (w/m) 06/10/2015 Lahnstein
Verfahrens-Ingenieur (w/m) 06/10/2015 Lahnstein
SPS–Techniker (w/m)
06/10/2015 Lahnstein
Betriebselektriker (m/w) 06/03/2015 Brensbach
Mechatroniker (m/w) 06/03/2015 Brensbach
Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w) 06/03/2015 Brensbach
Lagerarbeiter (m/w) 06/03/2015 Brensbach
Lieferantenmanager (m/w) 06/02/2015 Worms
Werkzeugtechniker (m/w) 06/02/2015 Worms
Ingenieur für Kinematiksysteme (m/w) 06/02/2015 Worms
Mold-Flow Ingenieur (w/m) 06/02/2015 Worms
Ingenieur/in für das Thermomanagement 06/02/2015 Worms
Ingenieur/in für die Materialentwicklung (Textil/ Faser/Vlies) 06/02/2015 Worms
Online-Marketing (m/w) 05/29/2015 Haren
Schichtführer (m/w) 05/06/2015 Brensbach
Einrichter (m/w) 05/06/2015 Brensbach
Mitarbeiter (m/w) Werkzeugvorbereitung 05/04/2015 Lahnstein
Volljuristen (m/w) 04/08/2015 Haren
Industriemechaniker/in 03/30/2015 Wackersdorf
Elektroniker/in 03/30/2015 Wackersdorf
Werkzeugmacher / Werkzeugmechaniker (m/w) 03/30/2015 Wackersdorf
ERP-Systembetreuer (m/w) 03/16/2015 Neuhaus am Rennweg
Sales Manager Composites 12/16/2014 Singapore

Röchling Sets New Records in Sales and Earnings

One of the biggest plants of Röchling Automotive is located in Kunshan, China.

The past fiscal year 2014 was a successful one for the Röchling Group.


A 3D-Printed “Sports Oscar”

Reason for celebration: Sporthilfe Emsland awards the so-called “SportOscar” to the Emsland Athletes of the Year

Sporthilfe Emsland named its Emsland Athletes of the Year and awarded them the “Sports Oscar” (a...


Trafoboard® HD-PH in 3,150 x 3,150 mm

Permit the construction of larger and thus higher-capacity transformers: For the first time, at the CWIEME 2015, Röchling will present platforms for oil-filled high-voltage transformers made of the insulation material Trafoboard® HD-PH in new dimensions of 3,150 x 3,150 mm

For the first time, at the CWIEME 2015, Röchling will present platforms for oil-filled high-voltage...


New benchmark for sliding materials

Compare the Performance: LubX® CV is the new benchmark for sliding materials

Röchling presents LubX® CV, the new sliding material especially for systems and machinery used in...

Fairs & Exhibitions


Hanover, Germany
10. - 14.11.2015