Current Job Openings at the Röchling Group

Job offer Date Location
Controller/in 12/17/2014 Mannheim
Sales Manager Composites 12/16/2014 Singapore
Projektmanager/in für BMW 12/08/2014 Worms
Account Manager/in Daimler 12/05/2014 Filderstadt bei Stuttgart
Electrical Development Engineers (w/m) 12/05/2014 Worms
Projektmanager/in für BMW und Daimler 12/04/2014 Worms
Entwickler von Kunststoffbauteilen (w/m) 12/04/2014 Worms
Resident Engineer München(m/w) 12/04/2014 München
Leiter Werkzeugbau (m/w) 12/02/2014 Brensbach
Account Manager/in BMW 12/02/2014 Kundenbüro München
Account Manager/in Audi 12/02/2014 Kundenbüro Ingolstadt
Ingenieur/in Industrial Engineering 11/17/2014 Worms
Anlagenelektroniker 11/12/2014 Mainburg
Verfahrensmechaniker für Kunststoff und Kautschuktechnik (m/w) 11/12/2014 Mainburg
Ingenieur/in für das Thermomanagement 11/05/2014 Worms
Lieferantenmanager (m/w) 10/27/2014 Worms
PLC Automation Engineer (w/m) 10/27/2014 Worms
Resident Engineer (w/m) für unseren Kunden Opel 10/17/2014 Rüsselsheim
Senior Buyer (f/m) 09/26/2014 Leifers/Laives
Project Manager Senior (m/w) 09/26/2014 Leifers/Laives
Werkzeugtechniker (m/w) 08/20/2014 Worms
ENGINE EXPERT for Product Line Engine Systems 08/20/2014 Leifers/Laives

Röchling expands plastic machining capacity in UK by acquiring Fibracon and Insoll

Network is strengthened: By acquiring Fibracon Twin Ltd. (Picture) and Insoll Components Ltd. Röchling has substantially expanded their leading market position in the CNC machining of high-performance plastics

The Röchling-Group has substantially expanded their leading market position in the CNC machining of...


Röchling Puts New Factory in Kunshan/China into Operation

Plastics specialist Röchling has begun production in its new plant in Kunshan/China.


New benchmark for sliding materials

Compare the Performance: LubX® CV is the new benchmark for sliding materials

Röchling presents LubX® CV, the new sliding material especially for systems and machinery used in...


No shrinkage in the vapour phase drying

No shrinkage during vapour phase drying: Röchling is the first manufacturer of shield end rings and shield rings for oil-filled power transformers made from glass fibre reinforced plastic Durostone® EPX-M

Röchling opens up new areas of transformer construction: The processor of plastics is the first...

Fairs & Exhibitions


Moscow, Russia
27. - 30.01.2015
Our company on the exhibition:

Röchling Engineering Plastics (Russia) Ltd.

Hall/Booth: FO D37
Semi-finished Products and finished components