LubX® / the energy savers

High-performance sliding materials for materials-handling technology and automation

Smart energy saving with LubX® Conveyor system with sliding parts from LubX® S and LubX® C

With LubX® S and LubX® C, Röchling Engineering Plastics offers two new highperformance materials, which have outstanding dry-running properties at their disposal. They have been especially developed for applications in materials-handling and automation technologies. Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® need considerably less energy. The considerably lower coefficient of friction of LubX® eliminates the possibility of the slip-stick effect (backsliding) almost completely and thus increases process stability.

Tribological systems

In the development of LubX® products, great care has not only been taken to minimise the coefficient of friction of the sliding materials, but also to consider the tribological system of the sliding partners in an integrated manner and especially aligned to the particular specific requirements concerned. The individual motion and transport segments of different conveying systems were analysed, and the relative movements of the elements and the frictional forces arising at the points of contact examined. These frictional forces have a decisive impact on the performance of the conveying system.

Energy efficiency

With energy prices rising in the long term, lowering energy costs plays an increasingly more important role in the project planning of production, storage and logistic processes. When utilising components with optimized sliding properties in conveying processes, the conveying power required – and thus the energy applied – may be reduced to a minimum. The performance and efficiency of the plant can thus be considerably enhanced.

Our own pilot plants

Röchling Engineering Plastics KG has several modular-designed test with which conveying processes can be tested under real conditions. We utilise a tribology test stand developed in co-operation with scientists in our materials laboratory for the necessary preliminary examinations of the materials to be tested on it. In the development of LubX® materials, this enabled the individual parameters to be exactly tested and even minimum improvements identified, which then targeted the further direction of development.