Plastics for contact with food

Plastics for contact with food

Wide range from PE to PEEK

Röchling offers a broad spectrum of plastics for direct contact with food, from standard plastics to high-temperature plastics. They comply with the requirements of Regulation 10/2011/EU, which has been in force since May 2011, its amendment 1282/2011/EU, Framework Regulation 1935/2004/EC and Regulation 2023/2006/EC. Many of Röchling's plastics for direct contact with food also meet the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Strictest test conditions

Evidence of suitability for food is provided by means of migration tests pursuant to Regulation 10/2011/EU which were carried out on our products with all the necessary simulants under the toughest test conditions with regard to temperature and the duration of testing. This means you can be confident that the tested plastics are considered suitable for contact with all kinds of food as stated in our
declarations of compliance.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice

It goes without saying that our manufacturing processes are in line with "Good Manufacturing
Practice" (2023/2006/EC).

Greatest safety

We ensure that our plastic products intended for contact with food meet the requirements of Framework Regulation 1935/2004/EC. This means they do not have any negative influence on:

  • the health of consumers and
  • the composition, taste, aroma and appearance of the food

Wide range

The wide range of our materials covers almost all requirements in terms of temperature and time in the production of food. Many of our food-compliant materials are available directly ex stock in different sizes or can be produced at short notice.


flash - Contact with food:

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flash - EN - Enjoy your meal! Unique offer from PE to PEEK

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