Locations of Röchling Engineering Plastics Group

Company Location
Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG Istanbul, Turkey
MAYWO Kunststoff GmbH Bad Grönenbach-Thal, Germany
Röchling Engineering Plastics (Russia) Ltd. St. Petersburg, Russia
Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG Haren, Germany
Röchling Hydroma GmbH Ruppertsweiler , Germany
Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG Troisdorf, Germany
Röchling Leripa Papertech GmbH & Co. KG Oepping, Austria
Röchling Permali Composites S.A.S. B.P.12, Maxéville , France
Röchling Engineering S.A.R.L. B.P.12, Maxéville, France
Röchling Engineering Plastiques S.A.S. Décines Cedex, France
Röchling Engineering Plastics (UK) Ltd Gloucester , United Kingdom
Röchling Formaterm AB Virserum, Sweden
Röchling Rimito Plast Oy Rusko, Finland
Röchling Meta-Plast A/S Allingåbro, Denmark
LSEZ SIA Meta-Plast Liepāja, Latvia
Röchling Engineering Plastics Italia s.r.l. Venegono Inferiore, Italy
Röchling Machined Plastics Italia s.r.l. Biassono, Italy
Röchling Machined Plastics Italia s.r.l. Gozzano, Italy
Röchling Plásticos Técnicos S.A.U. Bocairent, Spain
Röchling Engineering Plastics, s.r.o. Planá nad Lužnicí, Czech Republic
Röchling Machined Plastics, s.r.o. Planá nad Luznicí, Czech Republic
Röchling Engineering Plastics Dallas, United States
Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG (BU Composites) Togliatti, Russia
Röchling Engineering Plastics Ontario, United States
Röchling Machined Plastics Mount Pleasant, United States
Röchling Leripa Papertech LLC Kimberly, United States
Röchling Glastic Composites Cleveland, United States
Röchling Advent Tool & Mold Rochester, United States
Röchling Engineering Plastics Orangeville, Canada
Rochling Plásticos de Engenharia do Brasil Ltda Itupeva - São Paulo 13295-000, Brazil
Röchling Engineering Plastics KG Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roechling Engineering Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore, Singapore
Roechling International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China
Roechling Engineering Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd Suzhou, China
Roechling Machined Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Kunshan, China
Röchling Engineering Plastics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India
Röchling Engineering Plastics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara , India
Röchling Engineering Plastics Japan Co., Ltd. Yokohama, Japan

Röchling Puts New Factory in Kunshan/China into Operation

Plastics specialist Röchling has begun production in its new plant in Kunshan/China.


Röchling Announces New Records

The 2013 fiscal year was successful for the Röchling Group, very good start in 2014.


New benchmark for sliding materials

Compare the Performance: LubX® CV is the new benchmark for sliding materials

Röchling presents LubX® CV, the new sliding material especially for systems and machinery used in...


No shrinkage in the vapour phase drying

No shrinkage during vapour phase drying: Röchling is the first manufacturer of shield end rings and shield rings for oil-filled power transformers made from glass fibre reinforced plastic Durostone® EPX-M

Röchling opens up new areas of transformer construction: The processor of plastics is the first...

Fairs & Exhibitions


Milan, Italien
25. - 27.02.2015
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Röchling Hydroma GmbH