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Röchling Puts New Factory in Kunshan/China into Operation

Plastics specialist Röchling has begun production in its new plant in Kunshan/China.


Röchling Announces New Records

The 2013 fiscal year was successful for the Röchling Group, very good start in 2014.


New benchmark for sliding materials

Compare the Performance: LubX® CV is the new benchmark for sliding materials

Röchling presents LubX® CV, the new sliding material especially for systems and machinery used in...


No shrinkage in the vapour phase drying

No shrinkage during vapour phase drying: Röchling is the first manufacturer of shield end rings and shield rings for oil-filled power transformers made from glass fibre reinforced plastic Durostone® EPX-M

Röchling opens up new areas of transformer construction: The processor of plastics is the first...

Fairs & Exhibitions


Milan, Italien
25. - 27.02.2015
Our company on the exhibition:

Röchling Hydroma GmbH