Foamlite® P ex stock

Resistant to chemicals: Foamlite® is tailored for application in chemical plant and tank construction, such as, for example, as a mobile cover hood in a galvanic plant (photograph by courtesy: Europe Environnement, ASPACH LE HAUT, FRANCE,

Less weight: The closed-cell structure makes Foamlite® P a light-weight sheet


Less weight and more construction benefits

Foamlite® P is available ex stock with immediate effect. This foamed sheet has been especially produced for chemical plant and tank construction in the colour shade grey RAL 7032. It thus exactly matches the colour of the tank sheeting made of Polystone® P grey homopolymer.

Foamlite® is the innovative plastic sheet with foamed inner core. In the engineering phase, Röchling was, above all, concerned with weight reduction. Compared to a comparable compact sheet, it offers a weight advantage of 30 percent. For a host of applications, this offers distinct cost benefits through easier handling and design adaptations. At the same time, Foamlite® P can be provided with an "integrated hinge" by a 90 degree V notch being cut into the sheet surface. Moreover, costs for accessories and their assembly can also be saved on in many applications through the additional hinge effect.

Application in tank construction

Foamlite® P offers outstanding resistance to chemicals. With its good mechanical properties, the sheet is especially tailored to applications in chemical plant and tank construction. Here, Foamlite® P offers cost benefits due to its low weight, for example, as tank covers.

Easy weldable

Foamlite® P can be very easily welded with other Polystone® P types in extrusion and high-speed hot-air/gas-welding procedures. What is more, Foamlite® P can be drilled, sawn, cut and bolted with the usual tools as also used for wood.

Storage and delivery range

Ex stock:
Foamlite® P, grey (RAL 7032)
3.000 x 2.000 x 15 mm
Surfaces: grained on either side

Also Available:
Foamlite® P in practically any colour
Sheet thicknesses of up to 20 mm
and widths up to 2.000 mm

The complete system

Röchling offers you the complete system for chemical plant and tank construction: Sheets, hollow and U sections, welding wire, RITA tank calculation software 3.1, which has currently appeared in a completely revised version, as well as a great deal of know-how.

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